Software Trainer Sullivan Receives S&R Above & Beyond Award

Learning a new computer program, point-of-sale system or online process isn’t always easy. With patience and more than two decades of experience, Tonya Sullivan, Software Trainer, guides Spahn & Rose employees through the intricacies of new company systems. Thanks to her untiring positive attitude and willingness to share her computer know-know, she received the July Above & Beyond Award.

Sullivan began her career at Spahn & Rose more than 25 years ago in the Accounting Department, and in 2018, she moved to the Information Technology Department.

Tonya Sullivan Spahn & Rose July Above & Beyond Award recipient “Tonya was not only the first General Office staffer that I met 18 years ago during training; she’s also the one I have leaned on the most since that time,” says Kevin Jacobs, General Manager of Spahn & Rose’s DeWitt, Iowa, location. “Tonya is always available for tough questions that I often have about our operating system. She always gets back to me with the help I’m looking for.”

As part of her job, Sullivan travels to different Spahn & Rose locations, assisting with point-of-sale systems and other information technology questions store employees may have.

“I love traveling and seeing and working with other Spahn & Rose employees,” Sullivan says. “I try to spend a day at each location, and I find that I learn as much from other employees about systems as they learn from me.”

She always encourages them to jump right in. “It’s really rewarding to see a coworker learn a new system,” she says. “When that light goes on and they see how the new program or process can save time or [make them] more efficient, I love it. Sometimes users are reluctant to learn a new system and it take a little TLC to get them there, but we have a good crew.”

In addition to helping make employees’ jobs easier, Sullivan’s computer knowledge has helped Spahn & Rose’s bottom line.

“Tonya’s efforts training the managers on how to batch commodity purchases will help improve project margins as we go forward,” says Gordon Staley, Regional Sales Director. “She always has a positive attitude and willingness to help solve problems.”

In her off hours, Sullivan enjoys spending time with her family, visiting parks and swimming.

The Above & Beyond Award is given to employees of Spahn & Rose, Wisconsin’s Dunn Lumber and Georgia’s Metro Building Products for outstanding customer service and significant contributions to their team. Sullivan and other monthly winners of the award receive a $100 Visa gift card and are eligible to be named Employee of the Year, which includes a $1,000 award.

Spahn & Rose, Dunn Lumber and Metro Building Products employees can be nominated for the monthly Above & Beyond Award by coworkers, supervisors and customers. When a customer submits a review, any employees mentioned are nominated for the honor. Customers can also nominate employees for Above & Beyond through Spahn & Rose’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.