Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, one of the best ways to protect a house is with high-quality paint and stain. For durability and long-lasting beauty, your nearby Dunn Lumber offers complete lines of stain, as well as interior and exterior paint. Our expert staff can also help you determine whether paint or stain is better for your project. We have a complete selection of primer, too, so you’ll get the job done right the first time.

Test New Paint Colors—Free!

Try before you buy! Find out what your home will look like with a new color or finish of paint or stain. With the Home Visualizer, you can discover fun ways to bring new life to both the inside and outside of your home.

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Ensure a Perfect Match for Your Paint or Stain Color

Trying to match the color of your preferred paint or stain can be tricky. It’s particularly frustrating when you think you’ve found the perfect color, only to discover it isn’t as appealing under certain lighting. Fortunately, Dunn Lumber has invested in digital tools that make comparing colors an easier part of the process.

We offer a computer color paint match tool at many of our locations, with a comprehensive database of available paints and stains. We can have your preferred colors matched exactly according to your project’s needs. This applies to paint and stain for both indoor and outdoor projects alike. You’ll also have easy access to our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We’ll be happy to help you use the tool or navigate specific features.

Whether you need vibrant hues or subtle shades of color, Dunn Lumber can help. Explore our computer color paint match tool today by visiting our hardware location today.


Interior Paint

Contractors and homeowners can select from a variety of interior paint finishes—from matte to satin and everything in between. Our paint selection includes brands that are safe to use indoors and easy to clean up, and at Dunn Lumber, you can have any paint color matched exactly to your needs.

Interior Stain

For all kinds of woodworking and finishing projects, our interior stain enhances the natural grain of interior wood surfaces such as furniture, cabinets, doors, trim and more. Our stain experts can explain how applying additional coats can customize the look you desire.

Exterior Paint

Given the dramatic weather and temperature shifts in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, you need an exterior paint that has a tough finish and resists peeling, chipping and fading. As your local paint experts, our staff can help you choose the best paint to protect your home.

Exterior Stain

Exterior stain doesn’t just change wood’s natural color—it also protects decks, trim and other outdoor wood from the elements. We offers a selection of exterior stain, including translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid, to match your project needs.


Think of primer as a foundation: Lay a strong base and the paint will stay vibrant longer. There’s a primer for every type of wall material and substrate. Our paint experts can help you select the best primer for your project.


Browse through the variety of industry-leading interior & exterior paints, stains & primers that we offer. Find the right colors or match the right color, get inspired & tell us all about your project. We’ll take it from there!


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