Window Buying Made Easy with Dunn Lumber, Marvin Windows

Figuring out which windows to buy can feel like walking through an endless maze of styles, materials, colors and prices. But homeowners, contractors and builders can make window buying easier with Dunn Lumber and Marvin windows.

At Dunn Lumber, a window expert can help you select the optimal style, materials and colors for new-home builds or replacement windows, all within your budget.

“Windows reflect a home’s style, determine the amount of light and provide security,” says Brian Frisby, Millwork Specialist. “There are lots of choices, and we help guide customers through the buying process by asking lots of questions and matching materials and style to your budget.”

051822 SR SM May 2022 Blog window MarvinIf you’re considering purchasing windows, check out our Window Buying Guide or visit us, where experts will guide you through it all. When Frisby consults with customers about buying new windows, he relies on these seven key steps.

  1. Share your previous window experience. “The first thing I usually do is ask about homeowners’ experiences with windows, specific brands and issues,” says Frisby, who has been helping customers match windows to homes for more than 25 years.
  2. Set a budget range. Matching styles, materials and finishes within a budget is easy given that Dunn has access to several high-quality window vendors, such as Marvin. A variety of product lines allow for a vast selection of styles while staying within a given cost range. For example, Dunn offers both the higher-end Marvin Ultimate line and the mid-line Marvin Elevate.
  3. Explain lead times. Dunn Lumber preferred vendors such as Marvin provide consistent, reliable delivery. But with supply chain issues affecting every building material manufacturer, delivery times vary considerably. During consultations, a window expert will share the estimated delivery date with homeowners, builders and contractors. “We’ll do everything we can to keep your project on track,” Frisby says.
  4. Align window style with house design. Dunn Lumber window experts have decades of experience helping homeowners, contractors and builders buy windows and choose a style that matches your home. Frisby also reviews various window types, such as double-hung, casement and fixed. “I’ll make recommendations based on experience,” he says. “For example, I recently suggested that a homeowner install a fixed window instead of an operating window, because they’ll likely not need to have that window open, and it’ll have fewer problems, fewer mechanical parts and less air leakage.”
  5. Select a frame material to match your home. At our showroom, the three main types of frames are aluminum-clad, fiberglass and vinyl. Aluminum-clad is the most expensive but will typically allow for greater flexibility with hardware and pre-finish colors. Vinyl is a good option when the budget is a particular concern, but fiberglass and aluminum-clad are less likely to warp or fade.
  6. Determine the best type of glass. Does a certain room get more sunlight? Or do you want to better protect the flooring or furniture in a specific room? If so, you may need Low E3 glass, as opposed to Low E2. Low E stands for “low emissivity,” and the accompanying number conveys the protectiveness of the glass. On Marvin windows, for example, Low E2 features a double layer of silver on an inside surface. Low E3 has three layers of metallic silver and provides the lowest solar heat gain performance in climates where sun exposure is intense and cooling costs are high. Your Spahn & Rose expert can review your plans to determine what kind of glass is ideal for which windows, including those that local building codes require to be tempered glass.
  7. Follow up as needed. A big difference between buying windows from Dunn Lumber and a big-box store is service after the sale. Frisby often visits job sites to make fit and lock adjustments and replace hardware if needed. “We’re pretty proud of our service,” he says. “I’ve had homeowners who’ve bought windows from us [and then] need a part, and we’re able to look it up and get it for them quickly. The big-box store doesn’t have that kind of service.”