See Your New Home or Renovation on the Free Our Visualizer

What would your house look like with some new Marvin Windows? Would your dining room look sharp with new maroon paint? Or perhaps a luscious crème color? How might new CertainTeed siding increase your home’s curb appeal?

Get quick, easy answers to these questions and dozens more through the free, easy-to-use Visualizer. This intuitive online tool is ideal for contractors who are working with clients to finish an exterior or interior renovation. The Visualizer is also an invaluable resource for those looking to build a new home, giving users the ability to swap in different building materials, textures and colors with just the click of a mouse.

SR SM March 2022 Visualizer Upload Home Photo 2SR SM March 2022 Visualizer Home 1If you’ve ever wondered how a different Benjamin Moore paint color would make your bedroom look, it’s as easy as uploading a photo, then a few clicks on the Visualizer. Upload a photo of any room, in fact, and in addition to a variety of colors, you can see how design elements such as new cabinets or different types of trim would define a space. The Spahn & Rose Visualizer enables you to easily toggle between choices so you can compare and see the difference between them.

What makes this free tool such a useful resource for contractors, builders and homeowners is that images from vendors show exactly what particular building materials will look like. Through partnerships with Spahn & Rose’s high-quality preferred vendors, the Visualizer provides specific product names, so you know exactly what to order when it comes time to build or remodel. Also, foreknowledge of which products you prefer can help contractors and builders more accurately estimate project costs and delivery time frames.

If you’re starting a home build from scratch and need ideas, the Visualizer is ideal for seeing how different materials look together. It also includes dozens of home plans and even more sample rooms and exteriors to mix and match materials and colors.

Even better, the Visualizer makes it easy to save and share. You can create an account, save your project designs and share them with customers, friends and family via email and social media. It takes just a few minutes, and you can even share what you made on Spahn & Rose’s social media. We’d love to see it!