Forget Painting Siding: Diamond Kote Siding Makes Maintenance Easy

Contractors and builders, you can make your homeowner customers’ lives much easier with Diamond Kote siding. When you put Diamond Kote siding on a home, you can tell homeowners that they can forget about painting siding.

“We’re seeing almost every new home in the area have Diamond Kote LP Siding,” says Egan Wilgenbusch, Outside Sales Manager at the Dubuque, Iowa, Spahn & Rose location. “Some developments are requiring at least the façade of the home to have Diamond Kote because it has a much richer appeal.”

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There’s a good reason for this reliance on Diamond Kote: The siding isn’t painted. Diamond Kote siding has a coating engineered to shed dust and dirt. Diamond Kote offers a 30-year no-fade guarantee, prorated to the original purchaser.

In addition to looking good and lasting a long time, Diamond Kote also makes installation easier.

“For contractors and builders, Diamond Kote is easy to work with,” Wilgenbusch says. “Diamond Kote continues to improve its product and offers premade outside corners. And Diamond Kote RigidStack panels can be installed by one person.”

No More Learning How to Paint Siding

Instead of worrying about learning how to paint siding, homeowners need to do just a little annual maintenance on their Diamond Kote siding. Once a year, Wilgenbusch recommends inspecting the siding, looking for any cracked caulk or caulk that has pulled away from the substrates.

“Pay particular attention to corners where water can get in,” says Wilgenbusch, who has more than 25 years’ experience selling building materials such as Diamond Kote siding. “Your house is constantly moving, settling and expanding with the weather and temperatures. Also, wildlife, such as woodpeckers, may damage the siding. Be sure to check flashings around windows and doors looking for cracked or missing caulk.”

To clean siding, use mild soap and water. And instead of painting all the siding on your house, Diamond Kote offers touch-up paint that matches your home’s color and is made with the same innovative coating as on the shingle panels.