Easy Installation, Long-Lasting Quality with JAM Systems Aluminum Railing

When it comes to decking, safety, durability, and aesthetics are paramount. Builders and contractors in the Midwest rely on JAM Systems, which offers top-of-the-line aluminum railing setups with a range of heights, colors and customizable options to meet homeowners’ needs.

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Here are eight reasons JAM Systems Aluminum Railing should be part of your next new home build or deck design:

  1. Versatility in height and design. JAM Systems Aluminum Railing comes in two standard heights: 36 inches and 42 inches, catering to different safety needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re looking for a standard railing or a taller one for added safety, JAM Systems has you covered. The posts of the railing come in 2½- and 3½-inch sizes for sturdiness. Each post is equipped with a welded three-eighths-inch aluminum base plate, ensuring secure installation. This base plate provides stability and adds to the railing’s sleek, modern look.
  1. Comprehensive section components. Each JAM Systems Aluminum Railing section includes everything you need for installation: top and bottom rails, three-quarter-inch square pickets and mounting brackets with hardware. The picket spacing, 3.6 inches, ensures both safety and aesthetic appeal, providing a balance between security and visibility. Mounting brackets are self-centering, makingalignment on posts a breeze. This feature saves time during installation and ensures a professional finish.
  1. Options for length and design. JAM Systems offers both level and stair railing options to accommodate various deck designs. Level is available in lengths of 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet; stair comes in lengths of 6 and 8 feet. This versatility enables you to tailor the railing to your deck layout.
  1. JAM NEW 2020 no VinylEnhanced features for durability and comfort. To eliminate noise and ensure a quiet, enjoyable outdoor experience, JAM Systems Aluminum Railing has vinyl lining that dampens noise and adds extra protection against the elements, preventing rust and corrosion. Posts include leveling screws and a strike plate for easy adjustment and stability, even on uneven surfaces. This feature ensures that your railing remains sturdy and secure over time.
  1. Durable finish for lasting beauty. JAM Systems Aluminum Railing is coated with AAMA 2604-rated powder coating, providing exceptional durability and resistance to fading, chipping and scratching. This high-quality finish ensures that your railing maintains its beauty and functionality for years to come, even in harsh outdoor conditions.
  1. Customization options for any taste, style. In addition to standard features, JAM Systems offers customization options to suit your preferences. The 36-inch-height railing is available in both two- and three-rail options, giving you design and safety flexibility. JAM Systems Aluminum Railing is available in three classic colors: textured black, bronze and white. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a subtle accent, these color options enable you to match your railing to your deck and surrounding environment seamlessly.
  2. Advantage3Lots of accessory options. While the railing sections come with mounting brackets and hardware, post mounting hardware is sold separately. This allows you to choose the hardware that best suits your installation needs, ensuring a secure and professional finish.
  3. Lots of uses beyond decking. While JAM Systems Aluminum Railing is perfect for traditional deck applications, its versatility extends well beyond. Here are some additional ways you can use it in your deck design:

Balconies—Enhance the safety and visual appeal of your balcony with JAM Systems Aluminum Railing. Its sleek design and durable construction provide both security and style.

Porches—Whether it’s a front porch or a screened-in one, Aluminum Railing adds charm and safety to your outdoor living space. Choose from different heights and colors to complement your porch design.

Patios—Extend your outdoor living space with a patio railing from JAM Systems. Create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor and enjoy your patio with added safety and style.