6 Secrets to Amazing Bathrooms from a Cabinet Design Expert

When there’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place, that provides a certain sense of calm and order. It can also mean getting ready more quickly in the morning and not having a mess of cords, brushes and makeup scattered throughout a bathroom cabinet. Cabinets designed specifically to the homeowner are so much more functional—and beautiful.

“When a customer talks with a cabinet designer at Dunn Lumber and Spahn & Rose, we care about every project and the details that go into it,” says Dawn Tiesman, Cabinet Designer at Spahn & Rose’s DeWitt, Iowa, location. “We’re not just providing supplies for your new build or remodel; we’re also in the business of creating lasting relationships. When clients come to me, they are choosing to invite me into some of the most personal parts of their home, and I want to be sure I know how the products I have available can best meet their needs.”

SR SM Oct. blog bathroom secrets 4 scaledSR SM Oct. blog bathroom secrets 6 scaledHere, Tiesman shares six tips for designing bathroom cabinets for optimal form and function.

  1. Don’t settle for big-box stock options. Talking about cabinets in a big-box store means you’ll likely be told what you need in your bathroom. Visit a big box and you might not learn about all options and customizations available for bathroom cabinets. “At Spahn and Rose, it’s our passion to ask the right questions to understand how we can help our clients create a space that’s not only beautiful but functions perfectly for their lifestyle,” Tiesman says.
  2. Clean more easily—with style. A recent trend in bathroom cabinet design incorporates cultured marble shower systems. The secret behind these attractive showers: They’re simple to clean while being a step up over the traditional fiberglass shower surround. Cultured marble showers are also durable and easier to maintain.
  3. It’s OK not to match. Because bathroom cabinets need to be functional and aren’t as visible as kitchen cabinets, they don’t need to match the cabinetry in the rest of the home. Unique looks such as vanities with legs and open spaces can be used for towels or as a hamper even if the cabinet style doesn’t match others in the house.
  4. Personalize storage and functionality for grooming tools. Spahn & Rose bathroom cabinet designers can make your morning get-ready routine much easier by customizing cabinets and storage. Describe which tools you use, and our experts can design personalized storage options for you. These design elements can include grooming-tool pullouts and makeup drawer caddies.
  5. Look up to save space. If you need to conserve space in your bathroom, go vertical with tall, narrow cabinets set on a counter between a dual-sink vanity. This kind of cabinet can store hair products or shaving items, makeup or medicine.
  6. Bathroom cabinets can be designed for any budget. Based on the type of wood, finish, size and cabinet configuration, a bathroom cabinet project can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Set a budget and identify your “must-have” features; your Spahn & Rose bathroom cabinet design expert will then work within your budget. “Bathrooms are where you have the opportunity to be very basic for a light-use application or all-out customized to meet the needs of a large variety of clients,” Tiesman says. “They’re a fun place to play with color and texture and create a truly unique space.”