6 Reasons to Expand and Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space with JAM Systems

Bonus living space is as easy as installing a JAM Systems deck. To host family get-togethers, parties or just casual weekend grilling, a JAM Systems decking  with elegant railings can create additional living space without a huge, additional cost.

Along with decks, JAM Systems offers low-maintenance, sharp-looking fencing that allows homeowners to carve out private outdoor space in any neighborhood. As you begin to think about expanding your outdoor living space, visit Dunn Lumber to talk with our deck, fencing and railing experts about how JAM Systems products can be an affordable option for any outdoors project.

SR SM 23 blog JAM railingHere are six reasons JAM Systems can help expand your living space:

  1. Fits in budget. JAM Systems vinyl products are more affordable than other deck and fence building materials. In addition, because there’s no need for additional painting or staining over the years, JAM Systems decks, railings and fences save on long-term costs. With JAM Systems, there’s no hidden costs of ongoing maintenance.
  2. Contractor friendly installation. JAM Systems vinyl products are designed with contractors in mind. For example, the JAM Systems Interlocking Decking can save 50 percent on labor costs because of the ease of installation. The Interlocking Decking is also available in lengths up to 20 feet, which means less cutting.
  3. Locally manufactured. With manufacturing facilities in Dyersville, Iowa, products aren’t shipped across the country or across the world in shipping containers. When that supply chain extends only to the Midwest town a few miles away, you know that building materials will be on the jobsite when contractors and builders are ready to work. Also, customer service needs are promptly answered and any replacement products are nearby.
  4. SR SM 23 blog JAM deckLow maintenance. When a homeowner installs a JAM Systems deck or fence, the only maintenance is occasional washing. There’s no need to repaint, waterproof or re-stain JAM Systems decks or fences.
  5. Easy customization. Because JAM Systems is a preferred vendor partner of Spahn & Rose, custom orders are easy. JAM Systems encourages customers to be imaginative with projects and match decks, railings and fencing to space around homes. Big box stores won’t provide that level of customization and follow-up that JAMS Systems and your local Spahn & Rose deck, fencing and railing expert will.
  6. Long-lasting good looks. JAM Systems are committed to top-quality materials that stand up to decades of harsh weather. JAM Systems decking, rails and fencing are impact and weather resistant. When a homeowner installs a JAM System product, it can increase property value and curb appeal.

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